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DIVA.EXCHANGE is a community project open to everyone. As a community we develop open source software enabling everyone to be in full control over its own digital values. Without discrimination or storage of personal information.

How to contribute

Instant contributions:
If you want to further support our mission please consider a donation or - even better - join the team and contribute (software development, documentation, testing, illustrations, translations, issue handling and much, much more). If you have question just get in touch.

How to donate

Please use Monero (XMR):

Try it

What about storing some arbitrary data (limited to 64 bytes, though) on the test chain? OK, go for it (did you already contribute?):
After storing some data (which was just after your contribution, right?), you'll probably find the data a few seconds later on the test chain. Use the filter function to search for the data. This is a cloud service and just for demonstration purposes. To enjoy the privacy functions of DIVA, install a local version of DIVA.


Meet us on Telegram. We're an open, diverse, friendly and welcoming community. It is a safe place to be and we all strive to share knowledge and to increase wisdom and serenity.


We develop only free and open stuff at DIVA.EXCHANGE. Our source code, documentation and alike is mirrored to software repositories like Github. Please join the development community!


Open Source licenses as AGPLv3 or better are in place. Please visit the Software Repositories to get a copy.


This instance of divachain explorer is running on version 3.3.4-0.34.1.